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Gyniecoco – “paint” style

Posted in art, erotic by Possum of Possum's blogg on August 18, 2009



I’ve been working on a comission lately and haven’t had much time to post, but now i’m finaly working on something to post here again.

Gyniecoco, a much larger image of witch the image above is a part, is the first entirely (digitally) “handpainted” work i’ve done in a while, and i’m enjoying it thoroughly, really few things can be as fun as letting an image flow entirely according to intuition with only a minimum of intellectual intereference.


I’ve used only solid pixels while working on Gyniecoco, like i’ve previously done in the threadlessproposal “Modern crafts” and when i was 17 in my gymnasium (high school) arts-project. Gyniecoco however is much more detailed since it’s not made in good old “Paint”, it retains more of a classic drawn appearance contrasting with the pixelated detail in a way i like, it’s at the same time more artsy craftsy and more obviously digital than what i’ve usually done lately.


modern crafts (threadless proposal)


selfportrait as seventeen year old, made in good old “Paint”

Femmes nude 252_WEB kopiera

part of my gymnasium (high school) arts project, made in good old “Paint”


about facebook

Posted in Uncategorized by Possum of Possum's blogg on August 6, 2009

A strange affect of facebook is that you can see the world continue spining even when you’re quite certain it’s just stopped. When everything seems to slow down and all life seems to balance on a knives edge, you’re still reminded that some fucker you couldn’t care less about will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, it’s an odd feeling, hard to classify as negative or positive. At it’s best it’s reassuring at it’s worst it seems an arrogant reminder of just how fucking meaningless your own concerns are to the rest of the world.

Oh my, a friend of mine had a good dinner yesterday, i have to really soak this new knowledge up… BEFORE I KILL MYSELF IN A NEW AND EXCITING FASHION.

Now don’t worry, i promise to notify all my friends and casual acquaintances on facebokk an hour ahead before taking any measures;)