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otterly baroque indeed!

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on September 23, 2009

Dear friend , faithfull lover or accidental passer by, you may have noticed, allthough if your not a friend of mine on facebook i will admit it seems unlikely, a certain design-proposal for an otterly baroque t-shirt on threadless surfacing in the last few days.

So far comments and general feedback has been very positive but a t-shirt of such proud heritage (did i mention the otter was inspired¬† in it’s posing by the cherubs and seraphims of baroque churches) must surely aspire to more than general positivity, divinity… at least, i should say.

So please bless this humble attempt at a grandiose reconciliation of the the divinely inspired churches of bohemia and Rome with the creatures of perhaps a more darwinian origin…

i humiliate myself before ye and prey you follow this link:

otterly baroque - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

give it a fiver and please tell threadless if you think it works best as a t-shirt or as a print while you’re at it…


Rococo light analysis

Posted in architecture, art by Possum of Possum's blogg on September 3, 2009

rococo light analysis