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Long time – no blogging, i thought i’d upload a few images from a project i made at the chalmers school of architecture last term. The title of the project was akropolis/metropolis and, briefly explained, it consisted of a housing project on top of a commercial/public development in downtown Gothenburg where a portion of the city with great water contact is up for exploitation due to a new traffic situation.

The project related to the postmodern urbanist trends in the municipal plan by exagerating the mixed styles sought after in the development plan for the adjacent blocks and turning it in to a vertical mix of functions and styles.

As i’m a fan of complexity (especially in an urban context) 0ne concept certainly wasn’t enough, the housing project was directed especially at single young academics who work a lot and are interested in experiencing the positive sides of collective living without the many of the major drawbacks, it also explored the possibility of advertising on facades with windows to help fund otherwise rather exclusive forms of accomodation. In fact there were even more concepts at work than that, but i think a hint at the complexity of the project will have to do since i’m far to tired to write allready.


slightly pornographic architecture

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A whimsical folly

slightly porno archi

spurred by sudden need for free art..i produced… porn


I’ve been working on something quite apart from what i show on this blog the last two weeks, facades and plans for a renewal of and addition to a student home in gothenburg.. i’ve hardly had time to breathe…  so now i breathe, and intend to go at it with more images…

Hôpital Watteau

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The first image i recently made as a commission for coming web- magazine Sprezzatura, made by two boys who found me through this very blog (you can see their comments on earlier posts). The image will be published in full size by sprezzatura later (probabely in quite a long time). If you like the image and would really like to be notified if it becomes available as a print ( there’s been talk of it) just mail me at and i’ll save your adress and notify you.

The next image commissioned by sprezzatura can be seen here soon, probabely this week.




The images have been made according to themes construed by me and the commisioners together, the theme of this one is a commentary on what a hospital designed by the french early eighteenth century artist Antoine Watteau might look like. As you can see, my interpretation of the theme is not very literal but rather symbolic, for more on that you’ll have to read their publication.

Rococo light analysis

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rococo light analysis

Il portfolio

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A third, and probabely final entry on my first day of blogging is pressing against my sphincter like the sodomites on the door of Lot (see genesis 11-14).

I feel an urge to share with thee the location of my online portfolio. Even though the texts in the actual portfolio images are in Swedish there are some short remarks on some of the projects in english. One day, perhaps dear reader, i shall publish more of this interesting trivia on this very blog.

and guess’s a slideshow! You don’t have to push a single button you lazy elitist lover of the arts!

Hai tek

Il frontolo of my portfolio.

Il frontolo of my portfolio.