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Long time – no blogging, i thought i’d upload a few images from a project i made at the chalmers school of architecture last term. The title of the project was akropolis/metropolis and, briefly explained, it consisted of a housing project on top of a commercial/public development in downtown Gothenburg where a portion of the city with great water contact is up for exploitation due to a new traffic situation.

The project related to the postmodern urbanist trends in the municipal plan by exagerating the mixed styles sought after in the development plan for the adjacent blocks and turning it in to a vertical mix of functions and styles.

As i’m a fan of complexity (especially in an urban context) 0ne concept certainly wasn’t enough, the housing project was directed especially at single young academics who work a lot and are interested in experiencing the positive sides of collective living without the many of the major drawbacks, it also explored the possibility of advertising on facades with windows to help fund otherwise rather exclusive forms of accomodation. In fact there were even more concepts at work than that, but i think a hint at the complexity of the project will have to do since i’m far to tired to write allready.


You took

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I could have spent for ever on this image but i decided to put it up in an unfinished state in stead.

Anyway, on the pretentious side, i feel i have rediscovered the therapeutic side of making images in the last years. Growing up with two therapist parents and having a real nag for over intellectualizing traumas and feelings i sometimes get absolutely stuck in analyzing events i still have to strong emotions about to really be able to distance myself sufficiently from them. At points where i find myself trying to distance myself from something that feels to threatening to turn my back on for even a second (for example for the purpose of dinstancing my self from them) making images of the feelings as one does in art therapy often makes me able to see sides of them i otherwise wouldn’t have dared glance at. Well here’s depressing image number one anyway; you took

On the same note, i’m currently working on a larger project, an abstrat image..or actually more like  four images of four stages in life surrounding death (not your own death of obviously or it would have said preceding since i’m not a big fan of the whole afterlife thing) but the experience of losing people close to you.. or to be moderately personal..losing my mother. I’m aware that it sounds somewhat depressing or pretentious but i think i have sufficient distance in that case to actually find it mostly interesting to reflect on what happens to your perception of time and the organization of your thoughts at traumatic times in hour life… the most depressing part of it actually…witch is in itself a bit depressing… is constructing the last image/phase that concerns how your life comes together afterwards…

slightly pornographic architecture

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A whimsical folly

slightly porno archi

spurred by sudden need for free art..i produced… porn


I’ve been working on something quite apart from what i show on this blog the last two weeks, facades and plans for a renewal of and addition to a student home in gothenburg.. i’ve hardly had time to breathe…  so now i breathe, and intend to go at it with more images…

word has come about that i’m an angel

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But i’m really a social realist, hence – art

Actually i'm

Actually i'm très bourgois

I’ve decided my vavourite word is autoerotic asphixiation.

I made this image listening to a description of the life and works of Jean Paul Sartre, thus i named it Très bourgouise, his favourite badmouthing.

I thought it’d make a nice t-shirt.


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dear readers…if any are left, long time no blog

I’ve been working on my new website, www.techteur com and on a threadless proposal, that is- a t-shirt proposal…

if you want you can help me get the t-shirt printed by clicking this link, signing up for threadless, wich is free, and scoring the tee really high…

threadless proposal - cartouche

threadless proposal - cartouche

Nomine 1 – to be continued

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nomine 1, photoart

nomine 1, photoart

For now this is unfinnished, but i have high hopes, i think i’ve found my artform.

I’m thinking of buying a domain and making my blog a more aserious artblog..anyone with internet skills, please help! I now nothing of code…

paint pornographics 2

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photoshop version

photoshop version

Playgrounds – nests of sin or lairs of thievery? Updated 3

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I just came back in after a brief spell at my new favourite resort where i indulged  in my new hobby… pLeiiNg!!!

A few weeks ago my local playground was renewed, it took them a hell of a lot of time but when the sweaty swearing construction workers finally gave way to the noisy, probably garlic smelling, immigrant kids they had replaced all the old equipment (can huge toys really be called equipment? It feels like an obvious euphemism to me). Of all this new equipment one major attraction stood out (as shiny red as a chimpanzees’ ass), the brand new cableway (it looks kind of like this but it’s longer and you can go faster).

Even though i new as soon as i saw it (the playground is just outside my window for reasons of pedophilia, that’s how i now about the garlic smelling…) i had to ride it it took me a couple of weeks to actually try it out. Now i’m hooked, i’ve been down there every day since i first went..i’m afraid even though i try to schedule my riding after dark i’ll soon have a solid reputation as the local kiddyfiddler.

Any way, since my new hobby occupies my mind and my soul full time at the moment i have decided to devote one hour, YES! ONE ENTIRE HOUR, to researching the architecture of playgrunds tonight ( i thought of doing my master thesis on it but figured that wouldn’t leave enough time for playing).

I shall get back to thee and report my findings!

Update 1

so far so good, i found a really good blog agout playgrounds right away: Playscapes

I finally got to read something about how dangerous playgrounds really are statistically speaking (not very dangerous) and i always wondered about that. As i just told my friend the only place in an over regulated country like Sweden where you can find a two meter drop without safety rails is around the playnet on an ordinary playground (social darwinism in the early stages of life). Well anyway, now i know why i never get to see that really cool accident i’ve been looking forward to for so long…. children just aren’t as stupid as they look…they’re wiley in an evil way!

Update 2 – the lazy list update

playground equipment most reminiscent of soviet economy so far

coolest so far (yes it’s in Japan, they have too much time on their hands on those trains to work)

best music for surfing playgrounds on da WWW

most suitable music video to describe a grown man who spends time on the web researching playgrounds

best humourous (reads sadist) playground-picture so far

most grotesque interpretation of the term “coming out” in a planned recreational environment

Update 3  – since playgrounds are nearly as boring as children (when you’re not on them)

I grew tired of them in a few minutes really, i can only state the obvious, where ever i work in the future i will make them build one for me, at least a cableway between my desk and the espresso-machine.

the holocaust memorial

The only really interesting thing i can really come up with about playgrounds is that the best one i’ve been to was the Berlin holocaust memorial..and i’m not even being provocative on purpose. It’s basically a field in the middle of Berlin parted in to a rectilinear pattern of walkways between coffin-size, really high, or actually of differing height, concrete blocks. In some way the the tension between the absurdity of devoting an entire block to something so unusefull, the serious and regulated character of the space, and the naive naturelikeness of the sloping ground makes children go crazy. All the kids i saw there were playing hide and seek, and i gladly admit i and my friends joined in though tweaking the rules so we could appear serious and grown up when visible. I have often thought a lot of playgrund and toy designers who think primary colours are what is mostly needed to seduce childrens imaginations could learn a lot from that place.

Frankly Gehry (i’d like to be you)

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Yesterday i was briefly raised from the torpor of intellectual over-ambition that is my everyday life.

Watching the documentary “sketches of Frank gehry” i was taken back to my own, it seems now, naive ideas about what an education in architecture would be.

Architecture parlant versus social realism
I thought an education in architecture would basically be an education in spatial aesthetics plus a few classes about practical requirements and construction. It turned out this wasn’t what the teachers had in mind. The architectural education in Sweden, if described by one concept, would best be characterized as social realism. While architecture to me was to great extent “spatial art”, a variation of sculpture concerned with room or space rather than objects i soon found out my head teacher in the first year considered architecture and art totally separated disciplines, it seemed even opposed. Swedish architecture, for the most part, concerns itself with the organization of peoples lifes, the practical and social implications of different organizational techniques and secondarily with aesthetics in the form of how people feel comfortable. “Architecture parlant”, architecture that conveys a message other than general comfyness just isn’t very popular…with the older generation.

Gehry the elitist or Gehry thepopulist?

Frank Gehrys architecture, a form of modern roccoco doesn’t for the most part receive overwhelming applauds in Swedish architectural circles. It’s seen as superficial, capitalist or at least commercialist and…basically – vulgar. Frank Gehry, alltough i for a long time considered him vulgar ( i never bothered much with the political correctness that prevents others from saying so) does exactly what i wanted to do, and secretly still want to do, and even more secretly – what i have mostly done. He sits for hours looking at the relationship of two windows, he discusses the tangency of curves. He conveys his personality aesthetically with his architecture. What is so fascinating is the popular approval amongst the architectural know nothing masses Gehrys’ architecture receives, sure it’s complemented by a popular revulsion against the very same, but never the less his buildings have received much more attention amongst the populus than any neomodernist piece of architecture i know of (well, perhaps not Pei’s Louvre pyramid, but that’s mostly because it occupies such a culturally significant location). The parallels to my other great interest at the moment, american political culture, are obvious. The modernists like the democratic party are constantly described as “elitist” by popular media, and frankly often are in certain aspects, where as Frank Gehry, like the republicans squanders enormous amounts of money and labor on things that mainly seem to benefit the already well of, concert halls and museums – tax cuts and CEO bail outs, and yet remains the more popular amongst the less wealthy (who are of course mostly the same as the less educated). Architecture is, like most anything else, political and this conflict in democracy as well as architecture, no matter what side one is on, must from my view be  considered one of the most important problems of our communicative species.

Gehry subjectively

Today i don’t find Gehry vulgar, as amatter of fact the very term vulgar is what i find vulgar. I can only recognize that i envy him, and that i would very much like to see one of his buildings in real life, sadly i have only seen the cinamateque in Paris that he describes as a failure in the film and it was indeed horrible. Still, i don’t consider him the greatest architect in the world or anything like that (another concept i still find vulgar and stupifying) and i’m still annoyed by his seeming lack of concrete theory (i think that’s where i envy him the most).

Contemporary swedish vulgarity

What kind of buildings do i find “vulgar” today?

Well, take a look at this critically acclaimed non-entity artistically speaking that was nominated for the highest price of the swedish association of architects in 2007. It’s very popular with swedish architects who find it brave and interesting to design something so inexplicably boring in a prominent location in my dear hometown of Gothenburg. What really gets them off is the fact that the office of city planing actually wanted a more exciting building (they are otherwise not known to be overly excitable) and the modernist hero stood up to them and said the building had to be boring to fit in to the boring context (a surprisingly post-modern argument). I think actually to that point i’m with them, it’s interestingly ironic that the thoughts of postmodernism otherwise known for their colourfullness would in sweden be turned in to the reference of boredoom. What disturbs me is that the architect then redesigned the bottom floor to comply with the request for novelty, and did this in the most blasée manor possible, not adding anything to the building in terms of expressiveness or indeed novelty, just making it more boring in a less ironic and less iconoclastic way.

Peripheral perspective

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I’ve never been present at the birth of a blog, never held the pinkish little hand of new intellectual mischief in my own, until today when i have at long last fathered. Like any concerned parent prone to procrastination i have already planned the life of my offspring in minute detail, and like any realistic parent, at the sight of my enfant terrible my prospects suddenly changed.

The blog is supposed to convey my own theoretical views on architecture and design, as well as some general filosofical ideas i have. If it will do that, simply act as a catalyst of great frustration or just raise the statistics on infant mortality in the blogosphere slightly, i as well as you, can only guess.

Enjoy the twisted limbs of my monstrous creation so that i have not reproduced in vain.