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Supah Geyh n’very Ketsh

Posted in art, erotic by Possum of Possum's blogg on January 30, 2011

I makez it wit my new wacom… interacting with it’s sleek blackness is the interprative dance version of rough s/m with Darth Vader….


You took

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on November 26, 2009

I could have spent for ever on this image but i decided to put it up in an unfinished state in stead.

Anyway, on the pretentious side, i feel i have rediscovered the therapeutic side of making images in the last years. Growing up with two therapist parents and having a real nag for over intellectualizing traumas and feelings i sometimes get absolutely stuck in analyzing events i still have to strong emotions about to really be able to distance myself sufficiently from them. At points where i find myself trying to distance myself from something that feels to threatening to turn my back on for even a second (for example for the purpose of dinstancing my self from them) making images of the feelings as one does in art therapy often makes me able to see sides of them i otherwise wouldn’t have dared glance at. Well here’s depressing image number one anyway; you took

On the same note, i’m currently working on a larger project, an abstrat image..or actually more like  four images of four stages in life surrounding death (not your own death of obviously or it would have said preceding since i’m not a big fan of the whole afterlife thing) but the experience of losing people close to you.. or to be moderately personal..losing my mother. I’m aware that it sounds somewhat depressing or pretentious but i think i have sufficient distance in that case to actually find it mostly interesting to reflect on what happens to your perception of time and the organization of your thoughts at traumatic times in hour life… the most depressing part of it actually…witch is in itself a bit depressing… is constructing the last image/phase that concerns how your life comes together afterwards…

A Darker Rococo

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on November 8, 2009

The two latest images commissioned by sprezzatura. The theme is commentary on an excerpt from a rather wellknown diary kept by one of the ministers of louis XV’s court, the comte d’argenson.

The excerpt in my own translation: The Dauphin (crown prince) and the princesses become melancholic and devote them selves without constraints to their peculiar taste; they wont see and will never speak to others: they love to talk of death and catafalks; in the dark antechamber they amuse themselves by playing quadrille in the light of a yellow wax candle, and with delight they tell each other: “Nous sommes morts” (we are dead).



slightly pornographic architecture

Posted in architecture, art, erotic by Possum of Possum's blogg on October 29, 2009

A whimsical folly

slightly porno archi

spurred by sudden need for free art..i produced… porn


I’ve been working on something quite apart from what i show on this blog the last two weeks, facades and plans for a renewal of and addition to a student home in gothenburg.. i’ve hardly had time to breathe…  so now i breathe, and intend to go at it with more images…

Fragonard dans l’hôpital

Posted in art, erotic by Possum of Possum's blogg on October 7, 2009

The second comission by sprezzatura, a hospital theme just like the last one but this time in conjunction with another eighteenth century artist, Fragonard – my own suggestion.

As with the last 0ne: If you like the image and would really like to be notified if it becomes available as a print ( there’s been talk of it) just mail me at and i’ll save your adress and notify you.




otterly baroque indeed!

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on September 23, 2009

Dear friend , faithfull lover or accidental passer by, you may have noticed, allthough if your not a friend of mine on facebook i will admit it seems unlikely, a certain design-proposal for an otterly baroque t-shirt on threadless surfacing in the last few days.

So far comments and general feedback has been very positive but a t-shirt of such proud heritage (did i mention the otter was inspired  in it’s posing by the cherubs and seraphims of baroque churches) must surely aspire to more than general positivity, divinity… at least, i should say.

So please bless this humble attempt at a grandiose reconciliation of the the divinely inspired churches of bohemia and Rome with the creatures of perhaps a more darwinian origin…

i humiliate myself before ye and prey you follow this link:

otterly baroque - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

give it a fiver and please tell threadless if you think it works best as a t-shirt or as a print while you’re at it…

Basse couture

Posted in Uncategorized by Possum of Possum's blogg on June 28, 2009

Low couture is what you produce when you watch tv-shows on fashion (like this one about Yves saint Laurent) and decide you’d really like to be a fashion-designer but you only really want too make crappy and more or less incomprehensible sketches of clothes you’d like too see someone very professional devote there entire competence too make wearable.

Low couture:

low couture2low couture1