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slightly pornographic architecture

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A whimsical folly

slightly porno archi

spurred by sudden need for free art..i produced… porn


I’ve been working on something quite apart from what i show on this blog the last two weeks, facades and plans for a renewal of and addition to a student home in gothenburg.. i’ve hardly had time to breathe…  so now i breathe, and intend to go at it with more images…


Fragonard dans l’hôpital

Posted in art, erotic by Possum of Possum's blogg on October 7, 2009

The second comission by sprezzatura, a hospital theme just like the last one but this time in conjunction with another eighteenth century artist, Fragonard – my own suggestion.

As with the last 0ne: If you like the image and would really like to be notified if it becomes available as a print ( there’s been talk of it) just mail me at and i’ll save your adress and notify you.




Gyniecoco – “paint” style

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I’ve been working on a comission lately and haven’t had much time to post, but now i’m finaly working on something to post here again.

Gyniecoco, a much larger image of witch the image above is a part, is the first entirely (digitally) “handpainted” work i’ve done in a while, and i’m enjoying it thoroughly, really few things can be as fun as letting an image flow entirely according to intuition with only a minimum of intellectual intereference.


I’ve used only solid pixels while working on Gyniecoco, like i’ve previously done in the threadlessproposal “Modern crafts” and when i was 17 in my gymnasium (high school) arts-project. Gyniecoco however is much more detailed since it’s not made in good old “Paint”, it retains more of a classic drawn appearance contrasting with the pixelated detail in a way i like, it’s at the same time more artsy craftsy and more obviously digital than what i’ve usually done lately.


modern crafts (threadless proposal)


selfportrait as seventeen year old, made in good old “Paint”

Femmes nude 252_WEB kopiera

part of my gymnasium (high school) arts project, made in good old “Paint”

accademia fa male

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accademia fa male

rather an odd bird in my production, made it last night.

boi balenciaga

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boi balenciaga5boi balenciaga2boi balenciaga1boi balenciaga4

boi balenciaga

Erotic animal season

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the fourth season, spring!


spring means run in swedish (pun)

paint pornographics 2

Posted in art, erotic by Possum of Possum's blogg on November 4, 2008
photoshop version

photoshop version