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The death of Watteau at Cythera

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on September 27, 2010

An image recently completed for Sprezzatura, a paraphrase of Antoine Watteaus “L’embarquement pour Cythere”.


Hôpital Fragonard revisited

Posted in Uncategorized by Possum of Possum's blogg on December 27, 2009

A second illustration on the same theme as Hôpital Fragonard, previously shown here .

Art nouveau für eine alte jugend

Posted in Uncategorized by Possum of Possum's blogg on December 22, 2009

This is an illustration i made aout two months ago…i didn’t like it much then even though it took disgustingly long to make (probabely because i didn’t like what i began with and thus procrastinated finnishing it).

Any way, the theme, given me by my grand mecenats – “sprezzatura”, was art nouveau – the style that is. As the style as far as i know got it’s name from a magazine as did it’s german counterpart the Jugend style i thought it fitting to produce what i thought of as a magazine frontpage in a rather commercial style… the object depicted in the illustration, a middle age female body subjected to liposuction was my immediate association to “new art”  and “youth” ( for those not interested in bierwurst or art history jugend means youth in german).

“New art for an old youth” would be the mixed translation of the francogerman title… the letters are taken from the original jugend and art nouveau magazines.

A Darker Rococo

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on November 8, 2009

The two latest images commissioned by sprezzatura. The theme is commentary on an excerpt from a rather wellknown diary kept by one of the ministers of louis XV’s court, the comte d’argenson.

The excerpt in my own translation: The Dauphin (crown prince) and the princesses become melancholic and devote them selves without constraints to their peculiar taste; they wont see and will never speak to others: they love to talk of death and catafalks; in the dark antechamber they amuse themselves by playing quadrille in the light of a yellow wax candle, and with delight they tell each other: “Nous sommes morts” (we are dead).



Crying Possum – Hidden Panda

Posted in art by Possum of Possum's blogg on October 9, 2009

Two more images comissioned by Sprezzatura, for more on that see previous posts.

These two images were inspired bu the common fable theme in eighteenth century art, such as it is exhibited in the many adaptions of Fontains fables and in the butterfly works of Charles Germain de Saint Aubin and by my recently failed relationship. You will be able to see the images full size and hear a little more about them at later date courtesy of Sprezzatura.

Crying Possum




Hidden Panda





Hôpital Watteau

Posted in architecture, art by Possum of Possum's blogg on October 6, 2009

The first image i recently made as a commission for coming web- magazine Sprezzatura, made by two boys who found me through this very blog (you can see their comments on earlier posts). The image will be published in full size by sprezzatura later (probabely in quite a long time). If you like the image and would really like to be notified if it becomes available as a print ( there’s been talk of it) just mail me at and i’ll save your adress and notify you.

The next image commissioned by sprezzatura can be seen here soon, probabely this week.




The images have been made according to themes construed by me and the commisioners together, the theme of this one is a commentary on what a hospital designed by the french early eighteenth century artist Antoine Watteau might look like. As you can see, my interpretation of the theme is not very literal but rather symbolic, for more on that you’ll have to read their publication.